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Keystone Agency | Company Overview

Keystone Agency LLC, strategically located in Okinawa City, specializes in providing comprehensive business and administrative support, expert multilingual translation and interpretation, and U.S. military contracting services. We are the trusted partner in Okinawa for international entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complexities of Japanese business documentation and regulations. Let Keystone Agency guide you through the intricate Japanese system, ensuring your business thrives in this dynamic market.

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What We Do

We offer services that go beyond traditional 'translation agencies.' With the latest technology and a professional team, we provide both quality and speed, helping to expand your business globally.


Business & Administrative Support Services

We schedule a meeting to understand the requirements for your documentation. We also provide application services abroad.

Multilingual Translation & Interpretation Services

We provide translation, interpretation, proofreading, editing, and more, supporting over 100 languages, more than 50 fields of expertise, and over 60 file formats.

U.S. Military Contracting Services

Assisting with SAM/NCAGE/UEI registration and renewal, provide information on contracting opportunities, preparation of bid packages, and offering solutions for issues related to U.S. military contracting.

Trusted Partner

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Comprehensive Business
Support Capabilities

Trusted team to cover everything from corporate management to business operations.

Expert Translation
& Interpretation

Subscribed to a network of over 600,000 professional translators.

Total Support for
U.S. Military Contracting

Providing substantial support under the guidance of experienced veterans.

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