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Solutions for Language Barriers

Keystone Agency, based in Okinawa, provides language solutions for businesses. We provide administrative support, multilingual translation and interpretation, U.S. military business registration, renewal, and bidding support, as well as support for business owners from overseas. We also provide NCAGE/SAM/UEI registration and renewal assistance for U.S. military projects in Okinawa. We strive to work as an extension of our clients' teams, assisting with communication in English and Japanese. We serve individual and corporate clients who have extensive knowledge and skills in the industry, but face language barriers, with our expertise in both language and culture.

"Comprehensive Language Solution for Businesses"

Business & Administrative Support Services

We offer services to handle your Japanese administrative tasks. This includes translating emails and documents, supporting communication with overseas contacts, and preparing and reviewing Japanese documents. Our services extend to drafting business documents with a deep understanding of Japanese culture. Unlike conventional 'translation' services, we do not require clients to provide source documents. Instead, we arrange meetings to understand the client's needs and draft documents that adhere to the required format of submission.

  • Business plans, proposals, and financial plans (Japanese and English)
  • Support for establishment of Japanese companies, various registrations, applications, and acquisition of permits
  • Procurement of products and services in and outside Japan, as well as back-office support
  • Coordination for international projects
  • Support for resolving problems with Japanese business partners and authorities
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"From Small Personal Requests to Large Corporate Projects"

Multilingual Translation & Interpretation Services

In order to provide high-quality, cost-effective services, we have partnered with global leaders in the translation and interpretation industry. We blend human expertise with artificial intelligence to deliver living translation with precision.

  • Expert translation, localization, proofreading, and editing
  • Translations in 100+ languages, 50+ specializations, 60+ file formats
  • Latest computer-aided translation (CAT) software and translation memory and glossary management
  • Trial translations and certified translations available
  • Inquire about our interpretation languages
"Making U.S. Military Contracting More Accessible"

U.S. Military Contracting Services

We work with our clients to register their businesses, guide them through the U.S. government military projects, and prepare bid documents, providing full support throughout the execution of the contract. We take a full-service approach that covers project requirements, bidding procedures, inspections, and documentation, as well as understanding and communicating with the U.S. government on various U.S. military projects. We simplify complex procedures and save time and resources for businesses seeking to win contracts or expand into U.S. military projects in Japan. There is a reason why our company is the preferred choice for U.S. military business registration and bidding support services in Okinawa.

  • Assistance with registration and renewal of NCAGE/SAM/UEI
  • Providing information on solicitations
  • Assistance with preparation and submission of bid packages
  • Assistance with preparation and submission of documents during and upon completion of contract performance
  • Support for resolving problems with the U.S. military and overseas business partners
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